The Bruce Act (20% of proceeds go to the Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation)

xfs_800x600_s80_NewImage3 FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS A LAUGHING MATTER: The DeAngelos’ link with the family of the late comedian Lenny Bruce goes back generations. As Larry tells it: “My grandfather, Tony DeAngelo, had a fling with Lenny’s mother and the two families have been close ever since.”

But whatever the nature of these ties, the affinity between Entertainment Plus Creations and the Bruce act is a compelling one. Freedom of expression takes on many forms, with the world of art, music and writing having a common interest to the message of Lenny, an unabashed truth teller who ruffled many feathers in the process.

The friends of the muses can now buy into this affinity. For a limited time, we are putting Judith‘s painting The Bruce Act up for auction on our ebay store site, with 20% of the proceeds to benefit the Lenny Bruce Memorial Foundation. This organization, founded by Kitty Bruce, is guided by the desire to create a safe, sober and nurturing experience for men and women who desire support, education and new perspectives on living clean and sober. 


“It is unfortunately the truth, but the story of Lenny, who fell victim to the reactions of the powerful to the truths he peddled for laughs, is as relevant today as it was 50 years ago,” says Entertainment Plus Creations’ Ed Zwirn, a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, CFO Magazine and other leading publications. “Our mission at Entertainment Plus Creations is to nurture all forms of expression, popularity and/or political correctness nohwithstanding.”

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About Ed Zwirn

Ed Zwirn is a journalist/editorial professional with a focus on financial trends and practices. He lives out in the woods in Bethel, NY, not far from where the Woodstock Music and Arts Festival was held in 1969. As a financial writer, his work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, CFO Magazine and news services including Dow Jones Newswires and Informa Global Markets. Ed also spent three years in Ukraine, where he ran an English-language news service. He now divides his time between his freelance journalism, song and poetry writing, and barbequing and lawn-mowing on his 2.5 acre property.