Investors rush to European stock market

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by Ed Zwirn
Originally published on the NY Post – March 7, 2015. Read the original article here…

The “smart money” is apparently betting big on the European stock market.

With the European Central Bank set to kick off its own version of quantitative easing this week, and Greece’s debt problems apparently kicked at least four months down the road, institutional investors have begun beefing up their positions in European equity.
Institutional investors had been wary concerning Europe at the beginning of 2015, but this trend has begun to sharply reverse itself over the past several weeks, with European equity funds taking in well over $4 billion per week for four out of the past five weeks, according to EPFR Global.

Ironically, the biggest beneficiaries of this inflow have been the two “antagonists” of the eurozone crisis, Germany and Greece, with the latter taking in a record amount of investor money in the seven days that ended Feb. 25.

“In the relative scheme of things, there are certainly some short-term opportunities out there,” says EPFR Global’s Cameron Brandt.