Massachusetts backs animal welfare plan in election-day vote

By Ed Zwirn

Published in Global Meat News on Nov. 15, 2016

animal-welfare-backed-in-massachusetts-vote_strict_xxlThe US state of Massachusetts has voted in favour of a statewide ban on the sale of pork products or veal from animals that cannot turn around or stretch their limbs within their cages. Read article

Happy New Year from Larry DeAngelo & Friends

backyardHeading into 2017 with more to come: Soon-to-be released – Larry‘s take on Back In Your Own Backyard, a song written (in part) and first recorded by Al Jolson in 1928. Also in the Al Jolson Project production pipeline: Tenor Kevin Hanek‘s rendition of Robert Schumann’s Traumerei, a song recycled as a pop tune by Jolson in 1912 as That Lovin’ Traumerei. In other words: You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet!

A Time of Disruption

By Ed Zwirn

Read in CFO Magazine November 2016


Political scenarios aplenty threaten global growth and the fortunes of multinationals.

The U.S. presidential election and all of its attendant ugliness and divisiveness may soon be an unhappy memory, but political developments around the world continue to cloud the risk profiles of global companies. Continue reading