Soweto to Harlem: The Cafe Melo Experience

Cafe Melo is bringing contemporary Black artists to the forefront this summer, starting with an exhibition of artwork inspired by the Soweto experience.

Cafe Melo

Cafe Melo

NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 19, 2023 — Soweto became an epicenter of political campaigns aimed at overthrowing the apartheid state, and in 1955 it was the location where 3,000 people came together to adopt the Freedom Charter – the basis of today’s South African Constitution.

“Soweto Home At Last,” is a touching tribute to the cultural movement that took place in Soweto. This installation features the works of contemporary artists who have been inspired by the vibrant and diverse culture of Soweto and its people.

The installation, a joint effort of the Harlem Fine Arts Show and Cafe Melo Harlem, offers visitors a unique and immersive experience, inviting them to explore the cultural landscape of Soweto and gain a deeper appreciation for its impact on South African history and identity.

The summer program will feature four impressive art installations, each offering a unique and dynamic perspective on the cultural heritage of Harlem, starting on Sunday, May 21, 2023, during NYCxDesign Festival Week, 2nd Annual Design and Cultural Harlem Sunday hosted by Richard E. Pelzer II, Founder of HarlemCLX.

“Harlem boasts a rich cultural history that deserves to be celebrated and honored, and art in all its encompassing forms provides the perfect avenue to do so,” said Dwight A. Smith, owner of Cafe Melo Harlem. “We are thrilled to fully embrace this opportunity to contribute to the neighborhood’s vast cultural landscape.”

 Sharing Cafe Melo’s Lenox avenue space is Dr. Green, Smith’s other venture, a cannabis-product dispensary which offers members a safe, welcoming and inclusive space in which they can celebrate Nature’s bounty. “We believe that art and cannabis make the perfect pairing,” says Smith.

 The art installations will be available for viewing during Cafe Melo Harlem’s regular business hours. Visit the Harlem Fine Arts Show, or Cafe Melo Harlem,

About Cafe Melo Harlem

 Located on Lenox Avenue, not far from cultural destinations like the Apollo Theater and a literal stone’s throw away  from eateries like Sylvia’s and Red Rooster, Cafe Melo is rapidly becoming an iconic stop on any Harlem tour and a welcoming and rich event venue. Perfect for birthday celebrations, intimate wedding receptions, meetings, and more.

 About Dr. Green

At Dr. Green, we are committed to providing our members with a safe, comfortable, and inclusive space where they can be themselves and enjoy the benefits of cannabis and art. We believe that our club is more than just a dispensary – it is a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for creativity, relaxation, and self-discovery. Join us today and experience the best of what Harlem has to offer.

 For more information contact:

 Dwight A. Smith

(646) 682–9093




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