GM is producing popular car in China, exporting to US

By Ed Zwirn, New York Post, July 2,2017

China’s hottest auto export to the US is a Buick, and that may not sit well with the Trump administration.

General Motors produces the Buick Envision exclusively at a factory in Shanghai, mainly for the Chinese market. About 32,000 of the vehicles, which sell at a base price of $34,065, have been sold in the US since the company introduced the compact SUV to the US market last summer. Continue reading

A Time of Disruption

By Ed Zwirn

Read in CFO Magazine November 2016


Political scenarios aplenty threaten global growth and the fortunes of multinationals.

The U.S. presidential election and all of its attendant ugliness and divisiveness may soon be an unhappy memory, but political developments around the world continue to cloud the risk profiles of global companies. Continue reading