DJ Kathy Geary Sports Her New Grand Central Watch Top

Kathy Geary wears her Grand Central Watch essential top as she DJs Now and Then, which airs from 3-4 p.m. EST each Saturday on WJFF Radio, a hydropowered station operating out of Jeffersonville, NY. Grand Central WatchIn addition to  her show, which highlights the past and recent contributions of singer-songwriters, aficionados know her for her commanding soprano performances at the Delaware Valley Opera and other venues worldwide and cabaret performances in NYC and Upstate New York. Entertainment Plus Creations followers have heard her on the piano accompanying tenor Kevin Hanek as he sang the Kol Nidre, a sacred Jewish prayer, as part of the Al Jolson Project. Grand Central Watch is one of the paintings produced during the lifetime of artist Judith Carlson-DeAngelo, who left behind a great body of evocative work when she passed on in 2015. You can buy this top and other items (tops, tote bags, and even a surrealistic pillow) derived from this work by visiting Judith’s VIDA Design Collection page. P1000454Also look for these artistic items on April 1 (no foolin’), when they will be offered as premiums for WJFF’s Spring Fund Drive.

Holiday special: Kol Nidre – The Al Jolson Project

Al Jolson in the 20's movie "The Jazz Singer", singing Kol Nidre

Al Jolson in the 20’s movie “The Jazz Singer”, singing Kol Nidre

Just in time for the Jewish High Holy Days, the Entertainment Plus Creations Al Jolson Project releases its recording of tenor Kevin Hanek singing Kol Nidre.

NASHVILLE, TENN, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2016 / — Central to The Al Jolson Story is the scene in the 1927 “talkie” in which the Jazz Singer leads one of the holiest prayers in the Jewish religion as his cantor father listens from his deathbed across the street from the synagogue.

In this first full-length movie featuring synchronized sound, electrified theatergoers actually got to hear Jolson as he sang melodies like My Gal Sal and Waiting for the Robert E. Lee. Then, as his father lay on his deathbed across the street from the synagogue, the musical mode switches from pop tunes of the day to a 1,300-year standard, as the rebellious Jazz Singer sings the Kol Nidre. “We have our son back,“ are the cantors last words.

To fill out this key musical component of the Al Jolson catalog, The Al Jolson Project has recruited heldentenor Kevin Hanek, who on Sept. 30 recorded his own Kol Nidre accompanied by Kathy Geary on the piano. Continue reading